Tateki's Fighting Expedition


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Please help me on my road to UFC. Any donation of any amount will be deeply appreciated, but if you cannot help financially, you can still help me greatly by spreading the word any way you can through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs, Instagram, word of mouth etc.

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Fight purse does not include travel expense

  • The travel expenses are enormous. I have to pay for flights from Boston to Minneapolis, hotels, rental cars, entry fees, gas, fight banner fee, food expense (Flight, rental car and gas fee) for myself (fighter) and corners (coaches) during fight week.

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Expenses for Fight Camp

  • Flight from Boston to Mineapolis for Tateki and coaches.
  • Medicals
  • Pro lisence fee
  • commision fee
  • Coaching Fee
  • Food expense for four (fighter, 3 corners) during fight week
  • Transportation Fee (From Airport to Hotel)
  • Fight Banner
  • Miscellaneous (supplement, Massage, equipment, etc)

Support Tateki> TEKnation