Let's Burn Off


Gisele throws punches at my boxing mitts, while dodging swats from my shots. This isn’t the first time she has displayed her skills as you guys saw her Muay Thai padwork.

Many people think this is upper body workout, but our focus is on core strength, legs stability and hand precision and coordination. My mentors have been teaching me how to train movement, so do I. I love to see many people learn movement from Martial arts practitioners.

This full body exercise requires you to move your body through multiple planes of motion—forward and backward, side to side, and rotational, so need less to say, I can make her burn calories with high volume pad sessions.

Anyway, most important thing is "enjoy". Have a great new year everyone!


I am so glad that she likes my Xmas gift. This is the only one on the planet and asked and ordered in this past summer in Japan while I was there for my last fight. This is just a shape of my respect for her as a professional.


Because my queen represents the best of Brazil, she should have the highest quality she wears. Winning Boxing is traditional boxing brand in Japan and provides great boxers with the best equipment.

My queen seems so happy about my present and hope our relationship between Japan and Brazil goes well.