Cage Titans XXVI


In the main event, two former Cage Titans bantamweight champions meet for the second time in the promotions cage, as Tadeki “Tech” Matsuda fought Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell. In their first go-around at Cage Titans 8 in May of 2012, it was for Matsuda’s bantamweight title. That fight went to decision in favor of the champion Matsuda.

Back to the present with 20 fights between them later, they fight to a decision again, and again Campbell came up on the losing end. In the first round we saw Matsuda use incredibly suffocating pressure in the clinch against the cage, to neutralize Campbell. In the striking exchanges Cupcakes was initiating the action in the round. In the second round the aggression that we saw in the first round from Tech was absent. Campbell was very active with a high output of punches and kicks from every angle. A limited amount of his strikes landed but his activity and his ability to control the action and stay off of the cage was the difference in the round.

Matsuda appeared to be sitting back waiting to counter and when he did, nothing significant landed with the one or two strikes he was throwing. In the first two rounds there were brief scrambles, which at the end of the 2nd round Campbell was on top of Matsuda trying to finish the fight with an arm bar. The third round we saw a revived Tech as he was first to the center of the cage at the sound of the bell. Either he knew it was even, 1-1 rounds going into the third or he was simply pacing himself.

Ultimately he was able to get the action against the cage and onto the mat. The same type of pressure and control that he used to win the first round against the cage, he used to control and exhaust Campbell on the ground. The third round was the most damaging to either fighter, as Matsuda was content working a relentless attack from Cupcakes’ half guard winning the fight by unanimous decision in the rematch.