MMA Fight Prep 3



The reverse crunch is an incredible anterior core strengthening exercise. It’s the precursor to the dragon flag and it is devastatingly effective.

Here are some basic cues for the reverse crunch:

  • Start in the supine position, grab the corner of a rack or something very sturdy with your arms overhead.
  • Tuck your knees up like a cannonball and shorten the distance from your pelvis to your ribcage. Essentially, it’s a crunch-like position.
  • Slowly extend your hips away from your body but keep the ribcage short.
  • Once your knee and hips are at roughly 90 degrees, lock your body into that position.
  • Slowly lower your body towards the ground (still keeping the ribs short) with the goal of tapping your sacrum to the floor.

Perform 3-4 sets of 5 reps to start and gradually increase sets.

As mentioned, a progression of the reverse crunch is to perform the dragon flag variation. This is when the hips, knees and ankle are in a straight line throughout the exercise, but ribcage position is never compromised.