MMA Fight Prep 4


This core exercise has been around awhile and was popularized by the great Pavel Tsatsouline.

Here are some great cues on the full contact twist:

  • Grab the bar near the top and make sure that your hips, knees and and feet are pointed in the same direction. We want to avoid any type of lumbar rotation in this exercise!
  • Rotate your torso in one direction.
  • Slowly rotate side to side in a controlled fashion, there should be no momentum!
  • Keep your ribs short!
  • Keep your shoulders down, your arms straight and lats tight. Do not shrug!

Remember, this is a core drill and your midsection should be doing the work, not your arms!!

Perform 3-5 sets of 10 reps total, 5 per side. Start with a 45lb barbell and progress from there.