Random Day of my Training


I'm glad to have those who search word"MMA S&C" and visit my blog. Well, here is mine.

Loosen up my tight muscle from work out last night. At first. Make sure open up my range of motion and well warmed up.

I always do Turkish get up for shoulder injury prevention. Especially I work on my wrestling, so my a holder is sore sometimes.

Ka Me Ha Me ( Goku)

pull up isometoric

Mike teachs me correct form for ISO workout.


Chin up with weights

My basic strength training is deadlift, squat, and strong style kettle bell

Squat and then walk and repeat.

Clean with Sand bag

I hate this machine because feel like I am a mouse for experiment. Also this won't let me go fast as long as my running form is correct. Check my heart rate all the times. Number tells me truth, so I can't act like a "gassed out" lol