SFG Level 1 Test


Gorilla power from Onnit is extra support! Take care of my hands and get a job done tomorrow! By the way, I'll post my hand taping soon because many of guys asked me how to

When I was interested in StrongFirst, it was more than a year ago. I knew it won't be easy as training in MMA at the same time. However, somehow I was feeling something from kettlebell, like "this makes me stronger and faster". That feeling was my start for SFG even though I had a few years experience in training with kettlebells then.

I didn't know that skills for strength exist.


Training in MMA and Kettlebells at the same time is not easy, but my approach to kettlebell was learning a new technique for what I want. Just like focusing more on striking, grappling, wrestling for MMA. My another journey just started.

Last day was skill test and conditioning test. I have been prepared for this test, but I got taught how to teach people more importantly than passing skill test.

I completely agreed with strong first concept and chief instructors. My mind set was just ready to accept my skill and how I do with kettlebells.


I am a student of strength. This 3 days event was planed last year, so I had no control of scheduling certification test day even though I am during fight camp. No ones really realized my swollen nose from sparring... Good thing:-)

Day 1 is over... Well, it was such a long day and I got so much to learn. One word... I can't be humble enough to learn about strength. Today, I just saw an entrance to be a true professional kettlebell practioner. Yes, that means that I got another long journey.

Skill of Strength got coordinated with Strong First banner! Felt like I was at different place.

Senior practioner showed us amazing technique, concept, and strength. I thought I was ready for this, but my confidence is down( to be honest with you). However my motivation and passion for kettlebell and strong first got so much higher.

I mean... No one is perfect. This is why I see and believe in myself getting better, stronger and faster than now. The thing is consistency in focus, technique, attitude, lifestyle and any other things related to my ambition as a kettlebell practitioner.

I am a part of the team and try to be a quiet professional. Means that's who I want to be. So much information and so much knowledge and so many skills naturally make me humble. 

Whatever happens on day3, I am ready to accept it and filled with gratitude.



100 snatches within 5 minutes was tough, but I made it. Funny thing is that my coach Mike never told me that I can put kettlebell on the ground and take a break as long as time allows, so I thought I have to keep a kettlebell in the air all the time.

Did he make my life easy!?

At the end, we did grad workout together. I paired up with 2 of 200pounders and they picked 40kg for swing. Well, guess what? My blisters were fine and survived at the test, but got broken during crazy grad workout at the end. Sweet....no more kettlebell next week.


Lastly, special thanks to my S&C coach Mike. He has been training me almost for 2 and half years. Wish I could meet him earlier in my fighting career. He didn't only give opportunities to be stronger and faster, but also to be a high level coach with quality. 

This test was planed in last year, so it was tough to make it during fight camp. However, my mentality after these 3 days is completely different and my focus level and positivity push my back and momentum. 4 weeks out to my fight. Hometown fight is coming up, so now it is another time to proof who I am in the cage.