Vibration Technology

Engineered to activate the body's natural reflexive response to vibration, Power Plate's vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. (The vibrations move in three directions: up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side.)

Functional Training

Engineered to accurate my workout scientifically with established health and fitness benefits to deliver faster and longer lasting results in areas of strength training, flexibility, circulation, and weight loss.

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Precision Wave

PrecisionWave Technology™— A high-fidelity harmonic vibration system that providesuncompromising performance for unsurpassed results.
  • Recover faster, build lean muscle and boost endurance
  • Enhance metabolism for weight loss
  • Improve core strength, balance and stability

Maximize result

Whole body vibration training enhances my performance while increasing the efficiency of workout, allowing for faster results in less time. By incorporating vibration into myrecovery process, Power Plate is scientifically proven to actually speed up the recovery process all while decreasing painandinflammation.