Shoulder surgery


I will keep my head up and work on what I can do right now. I believe in myself as you guys do. Will keep you guys posted my rehab life.

Lastly, even though I can't make myself it to the cage, some sponsors are still supporting me. I am such a well reviewed guy. Please kindly keep your eyes on my come back.

I deeply apologize for being quiet on social media and I know many of my fans are following me and catch up with what's going on with me.

I was pulled out from a fight in Japan due to serious injury during fight camp. This is the first time to cancel my scheduled bout in my professional career.

Surgical treatment is needed to come back 100% and it has been very rough time for me. I have been busy to see physical therapist, chiropractor and orthopedic doctor. Eventually, I got second opinion and got a surgery yesterday after chasing with so many possibilities.