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I would like to share a book written by my queen Gisele Bündchen. This book is Lessons Gisele has been learning and experiencing in her life and her path to her meaningful life. I really admire people who are open about their struggles. Few people have gotten to know the real Gisele, a woman whose private life stands in dramatic contrast to her public image.

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How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance

I would like to share a book written by my king Tom Brady. I'm glad I got this book. This book is a summary of Brady's healthy life style and exercise routine. It is important for competitive athletes to look at all aspects of training, competition, and recovery and this is what Tom Brady does in his book. I used many of the ideas here to improve my approach to competing in MMA. As of right now, most importantly I have to do my best to recover from surgery.

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