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Uni carbonara

Make it at home! Tatekitchen has been busy around this time because my wife’s birth day is Jan 31st and Valentine’s day is 2 weeks after, so I have been spoiling my wife with full course dinner to make her happy at the most wonderful time of the year. Cooking makes us warm at least during the coldest season in Boston. How was your valentine’s day?

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Venison Medley

I still had frozen venison hunted by my student from western Mass in the freezer. I cooked different parts of venison meat; loin and burger. My friends came over to my place and cooked full course meal! Here is  Tatekitchen spring version.

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Beef tongue

Like many things in life, cooking a romantic dinner for two sounds better than it generally ends up being. What you're thinking is a bottle of wine, soulful looks into one another's eyes, and maybe a little joke that you two will remember and laugh about for years and years. I cook pescatore once a year for her birthday. 

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