Beef tongue


Like many things in life, cooking a romantic dinner for two sounds better than it generally ends up being. What you're thinking is a bottle of wine, soulful looks into one another's eyes, and maybe a little joke that you two will remember and laugh about for years and years. I cook pescatore once a year for her birthday. 

I am super excited for today, not because something is special, but because I am sharing my all-time favorite birthday coursed meal with you. We started with quinoa salad, which iss tasty and easy to make. I loved the green beans, so put them in chicken stock jelly on the bottom. Cold collagen rich jelly support chopped vegetables inside and topped with slow cooked tender red beets. A little bit sourness from vinaigrette sauce boosted appetite for sure.

How many times Have I said that I cook Pescatore once a year? This year was amazing! My original “add” was sea urchin for this year. You don’t taste the only melody of seafood, but half cooked fresh sea urchins mixed with savory tomato sauce together from this dish. It really brings the flavors to life. As I mixed fresh raw sea urchin with hot tomato sauce and cooked pasta, all of each flavor came together and became an absolutely gorgeous dish. I was knocked out by this!

For the main dish, guess what? I cooked fancy beef tongue. Beef tongue is tender and very flavorful. I consider it a delicacy, especially when cooking slowly and carefully. It is considered as "cheap cut" at butcher, but I totally disagree with that. If you learn how to prepare it properly, and this could become the hidden gem in your kitchen. In Japan, beef tongues are very popular, especially "Yakiniku" where you enjoy Japanese BBQ. After drained blood, I cooked a whole beef tongue in beef broth and then slowly braised in reduction version of thick broth. Served with sautéed foie gras and seasonal mushroom, this cheap cut became ultra fancy dish. You must have dark and full bodied red for this.

Have you had TB12 avocado ice cream? I haven't but made my own with a touch of citrus flavor. Lyme zest brought freshness to dessert and used a little bit of raw honey. The most of flavor for this dessert is from organic stevia. Have you tried mixing honey and stevia? This is almost a great marriage and makes more than double, triple effect for sweetness. 

Happy Birthday!

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