CES 54

Sponsor banner for CES54

Sponsor banner for CES54

First of all, thanks for those who supported me and were excited for this fight. I couldn’t finish, but brought W home Boston MA.  It has been a year since recovered from shoulder surgery. I am blessed with people who believe in me. Teknation kick start W in 2019. Big shout out to sponsor and supporting companies. I will never forget that those companies fought together. For my fans, please check them out for their services and products.

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Fight out of / affiliate
Broadway BJJ
Lauzon MMA
Peter Welch Gym


Live Play by Play

from Western Mass MMA.com

Round 1: Fighters comes out and look for their distances they are showing much respect for one another. Ricci throws an overhand to close distance and takes Matsuda down, Matsuda uses the fence to get back to his feet but Ricci pulls his feet back out and takes the back of Matsuda. Ricci is working hard with both hooks in but the veteran Matsuda is doing a great job defending the rear naked choke attempt. Josh sees a spot and looks to sink the choke but Tateki sinks his chin and fights the hands of Ricci with a minute left in the third. With ten seconds left in the round Matsuda turns into Ricci's guard and looks for some ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Ricci

Round 2: Matsuda come out in round two and looks to showcase some striking but it's short lived as Ricci takes him down. Matsuda looks to return to his feet and Ricci goes for broke on a double leg that leaves Matsuda in top control. Matsuda continues to work but its not enough for referee Kevin Mulhall as he stands the action up. Tateki once again looks to strike with Ricci and Ricci looks for another takedown. Tech pulls guillotine as the round ends. 10-9 Matsuda.

Round 3: Matsuda starts round three with a body kick and Ricci follows with an overhand that sits Matsuda down. Tateki returns to his feet and backs Ricci across the cage and takes him down now. Ricci's stay on the ground is short lived as they stand as they clinch on the fence and Ricci secures another takedown. Matsuda scrambles as Ricci grabs the front choke and attempts to turn it into another takedown which is stuffed by Matsuda. Matsuda pushes Ricci's head to the mat and ends up in half guard. Ricci gets up but not before taking a knee to the body. Ricci lands a combination to the head and body and Tateki looks for a double leg that is stuffed by Ricci. Ricci looks for a takedown of his own and gets it on the fence, Tateki stands back up and drops Ricci as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Matsuda.

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