Pancrase 297


It was the first time I got TKOed. I haven't been knocked out or tapped out in my professional fight career. Some said the referee was too early to stop, but I have no excuse and have to accept the result. I can't believe what happened to me. I was feeling good, ready, confident, appreciated, excited, sharp and focused. This fight was a big big test for me, and I wanted to proof that what I had been doing for this "come back" fight was right. However the result didn't come out nice. I have been dealing g with so many things such as recovering from a shoulder surgery, leaving from a team I work for 13 years, training at multiple different gyms and becoming a freelance/independent fighter. It was touch road to the point where I focus on only this fight, but my motivation to overcome these situations was stronger than anything else.

Open workout went very well. Thanks a lot for those who were watching my live on Facebook page. I just want to let you know how I am doing during fight week in Japan and hope they got what they wanted to see from me. Onnit gears made me so smooth even though I felt a little bit sluggish because of weight cut.

My last cut was 4pounds, but last few pounds are always sucks... weight cut is never easy and safe. I know, but we all do. I got wrapped and was just patient until sweat came off. My rehydrate and recovery drink is made of TB12 electrolytes and Himalayan salt for the best osmosis water.

All water was out of my body. I was really strive for water before stepping on a scale .

Making 125 is never easy, but made it this time again. Yes, we are all professionals! I made weight and faced off against my opponent. I was ready and hoped he was ready too.


Special thanks to Eddie Alvarez for this fight. Even though he has a beautiful baby girl in US, he spent lots of his time on my training and made himself in Japan to corner my fight. I wanted to get "W" for him, as well as for myself. Right after my fight,I remember Eddie was saying "close your mouth. No excuse. I know referee stopped early, but remember the feeling right now at this moment. You will never feel worse than this. Keep the head up and we will come back better". I couldn't agree with him more than anything.


Thanks for supporting for my fight. Please check out their products and service. I was so proud of representing these brands. Thank you for support!