First thing first, I deeply apologize to all my fans and supporters for being quiet for a while. It has been rough.

I had been training so hard even before this fight camp. Focused my trianing camp, slept well, and had great training partners, but sometimes scary thing just happnes at random. This happned to me on the first week of my fight camp. Since then, I have been in darkness and looking for the best treatment for me.

I got a surgical treatment last week and was pulled out from a fight in Japan. This is the first time to cancel my scheduled bout in my professional career.

Surgical treatment is needed to come back 100% and it has been very rough time for me. I have been busy to see physical therapist, chiropractor and orthopedic doctor. Eventually, I got second opinion and got a surgery after chasing with so many possibilities.

ER > Xray > orthopedic > MRI > orthopidic > second opinion > surgery This process took more than a month, and first doctor I saw recomended me rehab with physical therapy, and then he was going to decide if I need surgery or not.

I knew I cant get better without surgery after reading MRI report. There is no way against a doctor, but I was just hopeless and wanted the best treatment because this is career threatening injury.

I visited a hospital next to my castle. My queen always says "universe tells you what it is". I have depended on my resource and network and finally got a second opinion.


I got phone call arounf 4pm on Thursday and shceduled for surgery next day 9:15 in the morning. Well, that was too fast!

Then, I tough muay thai class at that night and onthe way back home, I faced with car crash accident on route 95 the day before surgery.

Many cars on my lane changed a lane and move to side, and I was slowing down anyway because taking next exit. However, a car in front of me was in reverse gear and moving backward. I coudn't manage to avoid the car and the car bumped into my car.

I moved out from my car and tried to figure out what was going on. There was no damage on my car because it was such a small bump. however, a guy in the car infront of me was completely kocked out. I called 911, but couldn't talk to emergency service at all. Yes, I was in panic.. I put dial 991, not 911.

There was a huge pileup and the car in front of me was beat up so bad. I explained what was going on to police and told them that I am not involved in this and my car has no damage, so asked them to let me go. Then I was released to on my way home. Yes, this happened to me night before surgery.


Well, anything happen to me. Unfortunately, I had to be pulled out from a fight in Japan, but if I listen to the first orthopedic doctor and just rehab and come back to fight camp in near future, I would get more serious injury, which force me retiring from my entire fighting career. Or I might be in this crazy pileup car crush even though driving safely.

I am such a blessed guy and appreciate for my people. I am being a present and doing my best at each moment. Surgical treatment might put me in such a long lay off, but I will be come back stronger ever. I will do what I can do outside of the cage and establish better environment for time when I come back 100% and can focus on fight camp more than ever in near future. Keep my head up and work on what I can do right now. I believe in myself as you guys do. Will keep you guys posted my rehab life.

Lastly, even though I can't make myself it to the cage, some sponsors are still supporting me. I am such a well reviewed guy. Please kindly keep your eyes on my come back.


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