After Week 12


Before we ahead to a new year, I just want to update my rehab status. I finished PT 3weeks ahead of schedule and am going to see my doctor next week.

I should be allowed to start hitting a heavy bag, but I cheated at TB12 the other day. I felt awesome and confident.



Pliability has been helping my shoulder a lot. This is not a regular massage, but pliability body work for individualized muscled function.


Once my injured part becomes pliable, educating brain and muscle function starts.


I used to have a hard time on this band work, but now my speed, stability and strength are coming back! My body coach, Deven, didn’t only care of my shoulder, but whole body balance and function.I did elbow work the other day. Without good range of motion, I won’t be able to do this drill.

My speed is also coming back too. I definitely have a momentum and confidence for my rehab/coming back training very well. I’m not supposed to hit things very hard, but couldn’t control myself!! I know it is still a long journey, but just showing what’s up to everybody.

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