Week 5


What an amazing experience at TB12 Sports Therapy Center.  I have already read TB12 method, but now just visualized what pliability is! Big thanks to body coach Deven. My coach, Deven, has been taking care of my shoulder. Especially, the first 2 sessions blew my mind. Deven loosened up my shoulder with his soft tissue technique,.....

My doctor was very surprised at how fast my recovery is. TB12 did it again! Pliability put me in the position 2 weeks ahead in the protocol.

I am not looking for fast healing or short recovery period at all, but it is good to experience how I take care of my body not from injuries, but am general soreness and weakness in order to get more functional and pliable.


Running in a mountain!! was amazing!! Yes, finally got permission from the doctor to start running. My workout had been very limited after a surgical treatment but finally started jogging a little bit. Back to the nature


This is one of toys G.O.A.T uses. I do more stationary drill and mobility.


MMA fighter do need to lift weights and strength training. The key is how I coordinate this pliability concept into my training camp once come back to fight camp.


Nutrition and sleep are more important than rehab. Keep supplying nutrition and hydrating to surgical area and feel great in recovery. It’s good to be a vegan once a while.


6th week just started and I’m very excited for new workout and therapy. Keep in touch!

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