Week 4


4 weeks since surgery. I feel amazing!! I should not rush to come back without full recovery, but "Pliability" treatment boosts my rehab process so fast at TB12. I do nothing crazy here, but my brain works so hard to re-program my motor neurons and muscle memory.Since I already read TB12 method, rehab here visualized pliability for me. I'm such a blessed guy.


The castle of my king is located right next to Gillette stadium. Train like a G.O.A.T here


Pro shop is nice and cool. You can get TB12 gears here. Tom's snack is amazing by the way. Have you tried them yet?


This is not airline company lounge. Once you step in training area, you gotta focus on training and pliability session. 


As Tom mentions, he doesn't build needless muscle. The facility is not designed for conventional weight lifting. What we do here? You should read his book and see the concept.

It was sad that I got serious injury, which requires surgical treatment, however, I am striving against hardness and to understand my body more than ever.

I want to continue being a professional fighter, like Tom keeps playing for Pats. I will turnover this down time to my advantage, which is another opportunity to re-educate myself and own body.

Will be back stronger than ever!

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