Week 6 & 7


Last 2 weeks were so amaizing. My rehab has been great and I get better every single day. All pliability works at TB12 get me back to my road soon. As my range of motion comes back, I and my trainer Deven work on reprograming my brain to educate how I used to move my body. I can't just focus on my injured shoulder only because my body forgot how to tighten my glutes and core. yes...thats sad, but will be back soon!



Pats are doing really well! I show up home on the game day to support my king. He walks in with Jay Z song.... so cool! 


People show up for warm up. Needless to say, once game starts, the whole stadium was packed. I got energy from everybody and good vibes from players. Thanks for this opportunity.


I have never imagined me hitting pads at TB12. It was very scarily because I havent hit anything for 3 month. Open kinetic chain is now comfortable to me, but I was not mentally ready for closed chain...

Actually, I felt great. obviously my brain is still afraid of moving fast, but come back slowly.

Grappling and sparring is not yet, but I can't wait... Slow me down please

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