What to sketch -do it now, think later-


My friend, Mike Daikubara, had an interview about his sketching. I have been his friend for a long time and we have been spent some time together in private. He works as a designer. But in his spare time, he is an artist who practices drawing on location where he lives or travel. He discovers and collects every tiny amusement while drawing. Wherever Mike goes, he doesn’t forget to bring his cross-body bag, containing two sketch books of different paper qualities, a 3D printed palette, a portable stool and several sketch pens and pencils. After setting up his stool, Daikubara will begin to draft the scene in front of him in his sketch book.

Guess what? I got “MIKED”. I was chilling out and Mike was sketching something I didn’t pay attention.


He doesn't choose place and time to sketch, and even don't care about paper. He sketched on luncheon sheet of an restaurant we went for brunch. I like to see Mike’s drawings of objects and natural views instead of humans. He rarely draws people, but if he did, his wife would be his first choice for a model. However, all of us were models at restaurant at this time. Well, I was not bored at all while waiting for food I ordered.


I have no comment on this guy...lol

You can get his sketch album on Amazon. My recommendation is "Freedom Trail". This is the best gift from Boston more than anything. The Freedom Trail is an iconic part of Boston, and leads through the city to many of the historic sites and landmarks that all studied in American History. Touring it in person is fun and informative. But touring it through Mike's sketches is utter delight and doesn't require a trip to Boston! Especially, those who used to live in Boston, this sketch book would be one of your treasures for sure.

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