Rio 7 -Dust bath on my head-


Rio loves to take a dust bath on my head. I felt she landed on my head, so took some pictures. I did a little bit of research on internet and found out that in well-watered areas bathing is most common, in arid ones dusting is more often observed. Frequent dust bathing helps to maintain an optimum amount of oil on the feathers. Excess plumage lipids, including preen oil, are absorbed by the dust and expelled along with dry skin and other debris. Basically, she mess up my hair and clean herself, and makes my head dirty at the same time.


She picks something between my teeth. Well, now she brushes my teeth? I think I am all set for dental floss. You don’t have to do that Rio. lol


Rio found the best place to stay! She loves to sit on BJJ Gi hanged by the window. Rio stays there forever. Does she eventually let me know when it gets dried?


I thought Rio helped me for laundry, but she pooped on it...White dot on blue Gi...sounds not I don’t know why she wants to stay on Gi surface. (I’ve never seen her stay on the bar frame of the windown)


Is she helping me washing dishes? No, she doesn't. She fights another bird reflected on  a pan cover. I'll wait for her until learn how to help household work. Or should I figure out how to tell her that another bird reflected on the pan cover is herself first?

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