Rio 9 -Nail Salon by Tateki-


I was so nervous and careful. Turned off light and grabbed my cute bird, Rio, in my hand to cut her nails. Yes, her sharp nails hurt me every time she lands on my body. As long as I know, birds don't have good eyesight in dark, so shut down her vision and she was nice and quiet in my hand. Her body was so warm! Now I. Know how birds keep eggs warm. Tek nail salon did a great job on her nail! Rio looked a little bit nervous and tired after cutting nails, but everything went well.


Rio is cute as always. She is my flower and slows me down when I have a busy life. She is very curious about everything she sees. Her territory got so much expanded compared of last year. She pokes me sometimes, which hurts me a lot. Avian personalities differ even within the same species. As birds age I think they may become more standoffish while others will continue their begging behavior I see outside. Rio is definitely more independent and standoffish. This is why she is so cute when she behaves like a baby. Do it more!!! your nails don’t hurt me anymore.

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