Rio 10 -Reading with Rio-


Read a book with my little one. Can Rio read letters? I hope she understands human words or whatever I say. She is so “Kawaii”(meaning “cute“ in Japanese). Books are one of the most popular things in the world today. No matter what happens in politics, the economy, or even in life… books are always going to be available and readily accessible through local stores and even online. I was reading a book recieved from someone I serve. I feel my pleasure in this moment with Rio. Really wish Rio can read this together.


I opened a window to get fresh air, and a bug came into my place. She found a bug!! Can she deal with it? Wild sparrows are supposed to beat them and eat them up, but she was kinda scared. Rio! You can do it!

No!!!!! You can’t even kill a tiny worm? Why you are afraid of it? Kill it and eat up!


This is her favorite place to stay. She loves the corner of the microwave. Have to clean up her caca there.


My little one dives into my bed and find a spot she can fit in. She lost a lot of hairs recently and her eyebrows look like makeup by a pencil. She woke me up by cheeping in the morning, so I opened a bird cage all the time. Then came back to the bed, so did she. We fell asleep again on my day off.


She never walks on the soil in nature. I want her to be connected to the nature and earth. Although I saved her life a year ago, might taken her away from the nature. Not all birds can be habituated or tamed. My research on wild sparrow has been kept going, and I think Rio will develop an "emotional" bond with me “human being”. Emotional meaning, not dependent on an attachment that equals a material advantage, but a bond with a human that the bird prefers rather than bonding with other birds. When birds are raised away from their species, they sometimes transfer attachments from the flock to their human friend. This is not transactional but emotional. Hope she loves to live her life with me.

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