Rio 3 -Showering Flying Surfing-



Rio finally made it! She took a shower and picked up food from a plate. I don’t use a skewer anymore because when I have a skewer in my hand, Rio looks so excited. I think rio thinks a skewer as mom's beak or something. I didn't feed Rio with a skewer today as wishing Rio become independent. All I did was putting food on a small plate and just leaving them in the bird cage. I'm so happy to see Rio growing!

You made it!!! I'm almost cryingT^T

She also loves to take a shower. I'm surprised at the fact that sparrows are very clean-loving birds. I am assuming that Rio is getting ready for winter and having new feathers because she drops so many feathers. I love to watch her living her life, and that makes me forget my fatigue from daily MMA training.


I train her in flying in my bath room for the day when she gets back to nature. (I don't know when...) Rio still needs my help, so I stay patient with her. By the way, she loves to clean her feather after taking a shower. What makes me scared recently? After Rio refreshes her body, I see Rio's bird skin on surface under her feather, which reminds me of chicken meat. Oh, boy...time to be a vegan?


Heeeey buddy. I think you are using that board wrong way.... Are you surfing or doing something bird? I bought boards for you to trim your beak, Rio. Are you comfortable on it? You gotta trim your beak. It gets too long. When you attack me, it hurts so bad!! This white board is a cuttlebone, which contains tons of minerals. Birds are supposed to love to peck this board, and their beak naturally gets trimmed. However, that doesn't happen to Rio because she is surfing with it.


She melts my heart because she is so cute. Are you sleeping buddy? How can you fall into sleep during surfing?

Do whatever you want Rio. Yep, It's all yours.

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