Rio 5 -Lazy Sunday-


Already got back to hard training for the next fight, so my body is tired and sore from daily training. However, this little girl doesn't care about how much I am tired. I open a bird cage for good exercise and Rio comes to me and lands on my shoulder. She wants to play with me. I'm tired....sorry. This has been repeated for good recently. I still got things to do except training to compete professionally, but try to have a complete day off on Sunday. I need to recover as a fighter, so forgive me for my laziness on my day off, Rio. Well, what I do on Sunday then? I open the bird cage, so Rio was free to fly in the house all day. 

What happen now? (see pics below)

Don't get there girl! You don't have to get up there!(left pic) She expanded feather and got comfortable on my feet. I feelreally warm. That explains how birds keep eggs warm like this.(right pic)


She felt asleep, so do I… This is the moment of my peak happiness right here! Do you see how she close her eyes? I didn't know birds close eyes from the bottom to the top. Rio must be tired from flying all day long.


This green bar trim bird's nails when it lands on this bar. When Rio lands on my body, her nails hurs me so bad especially on my shoulder. I think this bar somehow works because I feel less hurt than used to.


By the way, I saw wild sparrows outside and they fly so fast. I mean Rio is too slow...she gets killed for sure once gets back to nature. lol She is such a spoiled girl. One more thing to share, I mean, what I learned… No matter how much bird’s nails are well maintained, those hurts so bad when it lands on your face. Poor tek…

Rio makes me relaxed and chilled. I'm ready for the next fight camp!

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