Rio 1 -Rescued a wild bird-


I wish I can sketch like this!! Visiting cafes is one my favorite weekend activities because I am super busy and tired from hard MMA training during weekdays. I was with my close friends at Ogawa coffee in downtown Boston. My friend, Mike Daikubara, an Industrial Designer, Graphics Designer and Urban Sketcher, sketched what he was seeing at first 15-20 minutes after we had a table. We have been hanging out for a long time, and I am going to learn how to sketch from him one day.


My friends ordered "Sunday", which was a Japanese style parfait. I starved it for them. Mike was super focused on his sketching by the way. It looks great, but I know what will happen after one bite. I am not used to this type of sweets, so tried to control my sweet teeth and emotional appetite. Can’t wait to my special coffee coming.


I ordered Kalita coffee de El Salvador. It was very very fruity flavor. Kalita is a Japanese coffee equipment manufacturer who recently became more and more popular with their Kalita Wave Brewer. Erin McCarthy used it to win the 2013 US Brewers Cup.

The Glass Server they are using fits perfectly to Kalita Wave Brewer. The special glass captures heat very well in the brewing process. My friend, Haruna, who is the latte art world champion 2010 explained to me. Her brew stays nicely warmed for a while. Needless to say, I enjoyed this fancy cup of coffee. They left a small card next to coffee and it explains about coffee beans. Tasting note shows me "Hibiscus" Well, I enjoyed fruity flavor, but I couldn’t imagine hibiscus...I know its tea. Anyway, all I want to say was GREAT!


On my way to my car from Ogawa coffee, I found weaken sparrows. One of them died and another one was  very weaken. It was chirping and I felt so bad because he or she looked like this bird dropped from a nest above us.

This situation puzzled me for a while. I know I am not supposed to take care of wild animals, but his or her brother/ sister just died and nothing out here for wild birds. I easily imagined his or her dead body will be stamped by busy office workers in downtown on Monday morning .

I decided taking care of this little one until this baby gets better and recovered.


So….what should I call this little one? Ogawa literally means "small river" in Japanese. In Portuguese, river is "rio" pronounce like ( he oh), so I name this bird "rio" I'll take care of Rio until she gets better. Also I found out that she is a female bird by researching omg internet. She was like “ gimme more rice”! After meal time, she slept like a baby. As you can see, she is so cute. I know what I'm doing might be bad or my ego, however, i just didn't want to leave this poor bird.


Even though she was so weak yesterday, Rio gets better and better. Rio loves sweet potato more than rice. I add broccoli to her meal. Sounds like a body builder. lol 

Sometimes Rio doesn't open mouth even though supposed to be "time to eat". When I imitate mother bird  chirping, Rio opens up mouth and eat up. I hope she gets better and grow enough to get out the box I keep. If that happens, I think that's the time to get Rio back to the nature.

According to my research on Google, mother birds still raises her babies after they leave from their nest. As long as this fact is considered, I should not get Rio back to nature yet. I'll let her practice flying in few days.

I hope everything will work it out…

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