Rio 6 -Like a Cat-


Rio doesn't need a plate for shower or bath anymore. She now sneaks in my hands where she can find the tap water running from the faucet. This is a problem…Why? because she doesn't want to come back in the bird cage even though she is thirsty. Now she jumps in my hands to take a shower and drinks water. I remeber she used to be afraid of the whole kitchen sink, but now she has no problem with it and aim for food and shower.

Why you dry off there? You wanna stay on my shoulder? Ohhhhhh sooooo cute! I know you are happy after taking a shower, but you shouldn't spread out whatever on your body.

What's going on under my neck? I took a bunch of pictures and these came out...

You are a sparrow! Don't be like a cat! I’m telling you. She is not like this all the time.


Rio! My head is not your nest. You can't have an egg or poop on my head. How cute is she? She is chilling out on my head. This picture is great by the way!


Rio was dying in the middle of downtown Boston and I and my friends found and rescued her. That was last summer. She looks so young and like a baby. How time flies! She looks a baby back then.

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