Rio 4 -Pecking everything-


Rio is so cute! She loves to stay in my hand like her nest. I got pull up blisters, BJJ blisters and fist blisters on my hands, so there are so many spots to peck with her beak. She also loves small space and halls like between toe fingers. I was having a huge bowl of salad, and then Rio found herself reflected on the bowl and got excited so much. It was really funny to see that she attacked herself on the bowl and make a cracking noise. Well, that was enough. She had kinda too much experience outside of the bird cage. I am afraid of accidents from her action because of her too much curiosity.

I miss some food I can't have right now because Im in a fight camp, but she relieve me of fighter’s diet and hard training. Thanks Rio!


I had been worried about her hairs she kept loosing since the end of this summer, but now she got new feathers and looks so warm. Please, don't fall a sleep in my hand because..... I can't move!


My friend gave me "amigurumi" a Japanese handmade doll. Rio now got a sister. However....Rio never get close to her sister... She is so scared of this handmade doll even though it also looks adorable. Sparrows are very very cautious birds as far as I have researched. One day, I wish Rio plays with this amigulumi like hanging out with her sister.


Rio! You landed on my abs. How did you like it? Why you stay on unstable areas ?such as chest, shoulder and abs. Ouch! Did you just pricked my belly button with beak? Are you looking for a worm or something?

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