Rio 14 -Hot and Cold-


Does spring season make us a little bit weird? My little sparrow is all cold and hot. She attacks me with beak, but sits on my shoulder and gets relaxed there. Repeat million times. Does she like or hate me? I think spring makes her different. Sorry... no boy is allowed in my place. Rio chan can't find her mate. Too bad… Wish I have male bird for her.


This is my one of favorite pictures. She enjoy taking a shower and sand bath on the top of my head. This is a nice picture! When I meditate, she meditates. When I am relaxed, she is relaxed. 


My brother went to Spain and got a gift for me. This Gaudi design reminds me of days in Barcelona. Is cherry blossoms are gone in Japan? I think spring finally came to Boston. 

She is waiting for me waking up in the morning. Best alarm ever.

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