Rio 11 -Life with Rio-


I am crazy about my little bird! Rio is my angel and spend time with her all day long. She poops on my shoulder, but I don't care. I have a great announcement and something I want to share with you guys. First thing first, let me start with Rio. She is very different day by day. Today, she wanted an extra attention, so she stayed by me all the time. Her nails are getting long again!, It's time to trim, but I'm so afraid of doing that. Wearing a long shirt is another option for me. Sorry I'm lazy. Will do it next week. We took a bath together recently. Rio loves to take a shower with me. She is so cute.

rio-by table.jpg

I'm crazy about her. You guys know that , but how crazy am I? Check out picture down below


I do everything for myself such as design, building website and online shop. Guess what? I photoshopped Rio. She looks so cute! I should make products of Rio for bird lovers! What do you think?


My long journey officially just started. I got my permanent resident card shipped recently. 

I have no idea about how my pro mma career goes in USA. However, my situation got settled and I am allowed to chase my dream in USA.


As a foreign fighter, keep building pro MMA career in US is not easy and VISA situation gives me a headache all the time. It has been 12 years since came to US. At that time, I didn't expected that I challenge my potential and keep challenging as a pro MMA fighter in US. However, here I am and I live a moment. I don't know how my career goes in my future, but all I focus is that I move forward with people of Teknation. I really want to live a moment with my people. 

My little one "Rio" cerebrates for me. How cute is that!?

Have a safe and fun weekend for everybody.

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