Rio 8 -Deep Sleep-


Deep sleep right now and she made me take 2 hours for dinner. I can’t move my shoulder.. Oh boy... Rio is always playing around on my shoulder, but recently seems to pay less atention on me. First I felt missing her, but soon recognized that she watches me very carefully. How do I know it? I don't know...but there is the fact that she knows when I eat something somehow. Yes! Her EYEs are on me all the time. Now she tries to steel my food.

After she chases me and eats a lot, sleeps like a baby. I mean sleeping hard! I bet none of wild birds would do that. I know you are in safe place, but this makes me think she is very domesticated. eat hard sleep hard? You are like a fighter, Rio.


Rio looks so sleepy. (After eats whatever I eat)


Start sleeping deeply (not yet, but soon)


Another day, she sleeps on my arm and looks so cute. I see her feathers come off a lot maybe because of change in season? I miss Japanese cherry blossom so bad because haven't seen them for 12 years. Miss Japan. 


Give me my 2 hours back!!

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