Homemade Sangria



  • one whole bottle of red wine
  • Half bottle of white wine  
  • one orange
  • one lemon
  • one fruits syrup bottle of organic peach
  • one cinnamon stick

1. Wash an orange and lemon well and cut those in round slices. 

2. Prepare Red and White wine in a ratio of 2:1 and pour into a decanter. 

3. Put all cut fruits and peach and its syrup into decanter and mix together.

4. Leave it in fridge for a couple hours and serve it with cinnamon stick.

This recipe is from a dad of friend of mine in Barcelona. 

Simple is the best! (as always)

I see many restaurant in Boston serve sangria with pineapple and rhyme and other fruits.

I personally don't want to call them sangria, but just fruits wine.

I would recommend buying organic peach with fruits juice because it gives elegant sweetness to wine. Wine itself can be cheap. Doesn't matter.

We are in BBQ season right now. This is the best drink for outdoor dining. Try it!