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colorful tomato salad

Colorful Tomato Salad

Duck Confit

Duck Confit and Sautéed apples

Roasted duck breast with sauteed cantharellus mushroom

Roasted Duck Breast with Sautéed Cantharellus Mushrooms

Pork feet Red Miso stew

Pork Feet Red Miso Stew



Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Fall is always the best season because food are so seasonal and delicious. How is everyone? I train so hard on weekdays and enjoy eating a little bit on weekend. Gibier and wine dinner are my favorite weekend activity.


Last weekend, one of my friends , who is a professional chef asked me for wine dinner. He said he got great selections. A professional chef got wine for us? that means a lot!! sounds like "you'd better prepare good meal for my selections" , so I did my best. By the way, a picture above is beef prepared by pro. looks beautiful, isn't it?

I made red miso and wine stew. Pork feet are tasty, but smell nasty, so it all depends on how you cook. usually Japanese sake is used for flavor and to get rid of bad smell, but I used red wine for different flavor. this was amazing

I was still two minds, rabbit or duck. I chose duck eventually and made confit for thigh, and roast for breast. For sauce, I made caramelized shallot and figs and mixed with cassis (French liqueur)

What a great night at Atelierkitchen Zen.