Beef achilles

Beef Achilles

This was my last weekend meal. What do you think? You think stew or something? This is beef achilles. I stopped drinking because of my fight, so couldn't drink red wine with this, but I wanted one sooo bad.

As you cook achilles, soup get thick and heavy. This is because of not fat, but collagen, which is the main structural protein of the various connective tissues in our body.

People inject collagen into body for better skin and trying to be younger. I dont believe that eating or drinking collagen works because Collagen is a type of protein which when ingested, is broken down by the digestive system into individual amino acids to be recombined by cells according to their needs. I haven't seen scientific proof from papers or journals.

However, I eat them and get my ligament and tendons stronger!!(I mean mentally) You need vitamin C and Iron ion for better absorption by the way.

Parsley does a great support for collagen digestion, so put a lot on this dish as topping. Check parsley's nutrients.

I hope my ligaments and tendons get strong as much as they can be. I mean naturally. Not by drugs or PED!!! of course! lol

Tateki MatsudaComment