Fegatto di Vittello al burro all'aglio

Tortino di Melanzane
Veal Liver
Panna cotta chocolate

Those dishes were made a few month ago. I cook pescatore only once a year because I decided to make one for only one on her birthday, so don't expect I cook Pescatore for you! This day was really Italian. Usually beef liver is cooked with balsamic vinegar in Italian style, but I made it simple. It was much like a french style.

I know people in the US don't have custom of eating organ meat as much as Asia and Europe. Veal liver smell less and is sweet a little bit. In France, veal liver is considered as one of luxury ingredients. Simple is the best! All you worry about is saute time. I would say medium is the best for this dish. Cook them with herbs, garlic and butter. Barolo wine was excellent for this course.


Sugar is bad...I know. I made chocolate pannna cotta without sugar. dark chocolate and raw honey did a great job! sauce for flavor was made with blood orange. bitter sweetness and citrus flavor allow you to make extra space in your stomach.