Chicken with Avocado Pesto

Pesto Chicken Pasta


  • 3.5 oz of pasta
  • 4 oz of chicken
  • Cherry tomato 
  • Aavocado
  • Pesto   
  • Parmigiana 1-2 TBS

1: Cut chicken and vegetables into bite-size pieces and prepare chicken with salt and pepper for taste.

2: Start grilling chicken and chicken should be cooked right before pasta gets ready.

3: When you boil pasta, you should use a big pod and a lot of water. Pasta should be ready at the same time as chicken gets cooked. The timing is very important. If you feel difficult, lets get chicken done first, and then mix al dente pasta with them.

4: After pasta gets ready, Add pesto sauce and parmigiana. Mix them well and put avocado and tomato (vegetables should not be overcooked)

5: Add a little bit of EVOO

Bon Appétit


Pesto is my favorite! It is tasty and useful. More than anything, it has amazing flavor.
Get some bunch of basil at grocery and follow my recipe and keep them in your fridge.
When you keep them, make sure basil stays away from heat.

Add a little bit of EVOO to pesto, so that basil doesn't expose air and oxidized. You know, when basil gets heat, it becomes dark and black. For taste, you can control by adding more salt to boiling water for pasta. Your pasta plate will be amazing for this summer.

Get tomato and basil!