Squid and Sea Urchin with Lemon Pasta

Squid Sea urchin lemon pasta


  • 5oz of pasta
  • olive oil 3 table spoon
  • a little bit of italian parsley
  • a half of lemon
  • Spear squid
  • Sea urchin


1: cut squid into thin and long pieces like a noodle, and then put squid, sea urchin, olive oil, lemon juice and finely chopped parsley into a big ball.

2: When you boil pasta, you should use a big pod and a lot of water. Prepare pasta with boiled water according to its direction. If you make cold pasta, take it out 1 minute before al dente. 

3: Add boiled pasta into the ball and mix together. Put sea unchin on the top and add black pepper, parsley and a little bit of olive oil for better presentation.

Luxury Pasta again!! Simple is the BEST.

Spear squid and female sea urchin are best match for this pasta. I would recommend using a really good EVOO because that is going to accelerate flavor. If you are not familiar with dealing with squid, just ask the owner at sakanaya (Japanese Fish Market) for squid noodle when you buy them.

Pinot Gregio is really good on this dish. 

Bon Appétit