Le Fromage de Tête



The following pictures may contain graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing.




Look at beautiful collagen jelly. Organic healthy pork fat taste sweet and all different kinds of meat give you different texture and flavor in your mouth. French herb made a whole thing elegant.

I love food and cooking, and brought these slices of head cheese to my friend's birthday last week. I'm so glad that he and my friends enjoyed this dish. Most importantly, I ate a whole with gratitude. 

OK, so lets see how I made HEAD cheese!



I got a half of a fresh pasture raised organic pork head from a local butcher. It costs only $20! What a good deal ! because I can't afford other pricy organic meat. Yes!! it has more meat than I thought!! Well, what should I do with this?


I have cooked pork feet from the butcher and fresh pork feet didn't smell at all during cooking process. Usually, feet and organ meat smells bad, but the butcher place I go provides very fresh meat.


Rolled it up with face meat. I really appreciate for this opportunity and access to high quality protein source.


This is how I made. Make sure soak a pork head in cold water at least an hour to drain blood out and cook a head bone with hot water until it gets boiled. Once cooking water gets boiled, took a head out and wash it and add celery, carrot, onions and bbouquet garni(French herbs). Make sure that prepare broth at first, so that you can save time.


Took off all face meat from the head. Cheek meat is so tasty and guanciale (Italian salted cheek meat) is my favorite! I know this is grotesque, but you know someone does this for you if you are a meat eater.           


Mixed all ears and other meat from face with herbs and salt and peppers. Did you get your onnit yet? Get it now!!! > onnit himarayan salt.

Look at how much extra meat I got!! I really want to make salted cheek meat. Who is ready for carbonara ?


Lol! I made mistake! After I did a little bit of Tetris, I made it soaked in the pod! Well done. Cook the head cheese in broth for 5 hours.


I wish I would have a cheese maker, but a Pyrex container did awesome job. Just leave it in a fridge for 24 hours. All you do is find best wine you want to have for this.


You can make gluten free funny sandwich with leftover head cheese. Just add your faverit veges and balsamic or apple cyder vinegar and EVOO to sliced head cheese and make sandwich with Ezekiel bread! Wow...sounds mouthwatering right now!