gluten and guilty free chocolate cake

Lightly fried eggplant and shrimp with spicy tomato sauce boosted our appetite. I love sourness from tomato. The best tomatoes have a good balance of acidity and sweetness with neither dominating. What a great weekend dinner! One of my students asked me for private dinner, so I did it! I had a huge kitchen space and equipment. I really enjoyed cooking for my people.

If there is one dish that characterizes Mediterranean summer food, it is Ratatouille., it’s also a delicious dish that originates from Provence, South of France! It came to exist over centuries of vegetables foreign to the region making their way to France, and French chefs doing the rest of the work.

A great vegetarian dish, especially if you are following a Mediterranean diet. It is high in fiber and provides plenty of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.   If you're not a vegetarian, enjoy this as a side dish with lamb, venison, or game birds like pheasant or duck.

Ratatouille came out really good. Since short time for cooking, made bunches of thin layers. Warm veges made us ready for rest of food.



Lamb shank came out nice and rich flavor. It wasn't too heavy at all. Mouthwatering dish made my night. I'm so glad people enjoyed my food. It can be very fatty. Before you begin cooking them, cut off and discard as much of the opaque white fat as you can. I sometimes also loosen or remove the silverskin that surrounds the muscles, although removing too much of it will cause the shank to fall apart. After cooking, be sure to skim off as much of the liquid fat as you can before serving. A little fat is ok, but too much will ruin the balance of full course meal.

This would have to be a favourite on a cold winter’s night. Prepping in the morning and put it on to the slow cooker means that the house is filled with the delicious rich aroma all day.