Gluten Free Challenge 4

Coconut and Almond Flour Pizza

Well, I made tomato sauce from fresh tomato and dough from coconut flour, so this pizza contains lots of fibers.

I have never felt my body is lock of lactase, but staying away from inflammatory food is the key to bring me to the top condition every day. Manchego cheese for topping is another great option because sheep milk contains better casein than caw. Grass fed cheddar works as mozzarella for this pizza.

Obviously, it's taste is not exactly same as regular pizzas, but coconut flour brings a good flavor as a cookie type of crust. Thickness was just perfect, so it wasn't heavy at all. I used 3 eggs to get flour together for this dough.

baking dough only for gluten free pizza

You need to bake dough itself before topping because it has "no gluten"

Tateki's big green salad

with tons of greens as always!

Gluten Free Coconut and almond flour pizza

Feel like I am cheating, but this gluten free, grass fed cheddar, pasture raised organic pork sausage with spring onion is the best for the season we are in right now.

with tons of greens as always!