Summer Vegetables Curry


Summer vegetables are so tasty! Its in the season now! I made curry dish for dinner. I got chicken, tons of veges and right amount of brown rice.

So many blog readers came to my page by searching words like, "diet"  "healthy eating". It all depends on your activity level or sports you are engaged with, but all my advices are PCF balance, serving size, and types of carbohydrate. Today I would like to bring up trans fat.

I love Japanese curry rice, but it is not my diet during fight preparation phrase. Curry rice is considered as one of healthy meals in Japan, and it is true that many different types of spice give you a lot of healthy benefits and you can intake large amount of vegetable from Japanese curry rice.

You can find Japanese curry roux at major grocery stores in U.S. However, curry powder, which looks like cubes contain shortening, which is hydrogenated as trans fat.

I made my curry dish from scratch. You can find any kinds of spice at Indian stores, so it contains no trans fat at all. Those junk foods are for after fight least for me.

FDA has issued a preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oils (which contain trans fats) are not "generally recognized as safe", which is expected to lead to a ban on industrially produced trans fats from the American diet.

I just notify my Japanese people that what trans fat is because they are not familiar with it.