Paleo Friendly Plate


I am not a paleo guy because we live in modern life. However, when it comes to performance and conditioning, staying away from inflammatory food is essential in my daily life.



This plate is random dinner on my weekday. When I have lots of time to prepare a meal, spaghetti squash is my favorite. Stir flied turnip with coconut oil gives me enough greens. Did you know that leaf part is more nutritious than a root part?



Pork for healthy diet still causes controversy. Although it depends on how pigs grow, how you cook could make a difference. According to a research, pork could be inflammatory without marinating with spicies.( I want to introduce the paper next time) I marinated pork with cinnamon, garlic and apple cyder vinegar, and then slow cooked them.


Anyway, real whole foods are key and most importantly filled with gratitude. How about your summer plate?