Atelierkitchen Zen 3


Sea urchin & egg sauce with Nigari tofu by chef


Grilled Turban with truffle butter by chef


Cobia and fluke nigiri by chef


Romanian carbonara by Tateki


Scallop with turban liver sauce by Tateki


Braised beef rib with tomato and porcini mushroom by Tateki


Lobster and black truffle in dashi soup by chef

Homemade cheese cake

Homemade cheese cake by chef's daughter


Sake lees ice cream with dark chocolate and toasted soybean flour by chef

Even though Monday was a heavy snow day, I got something I had to do first right after come back to Boston. I had to pick up Rio (my little sparrow)!! I left Rio with one of my good friends. His whole family took care of her very nice. She is actually well trained by them. They got a dog, so they know how to take care of animals better than me? 


Kids made special sushi, which is called "Ehomaki" for me. Ehomaki ("lucky direction roll") is a roll composed of 7 ingredients considered to be lucky. Ehōmaki are often eaten on west in Japan. The typical ingredients include see weed, egg, eel, and shiitake mushrooms. Ehōmaki often include other ingredients too. People usually eat the ehōmaki while facing the direction considered to be auspicious that year. I am from Tokyo, so I'm not familiar with Ehomaki.

My friend's wife is like a professional animal trainer! She gloved Rio in her hand and Rio was screaming....when I saw that, couldn't close my mouth.


After she captured Rio, she kissed Rio's head and touch softly body. I had no idea what was going on, but after she released Rio, Rio came back to her shoulder and looked totally fine. I thought Rio didn't like what she did to Rio, but Rio didn't like her at all.

In a meanwhile, a dog was so jealous about how Rio was treated, but she was controlled dog with her legs and calm the dog down. These are happening at same time!! I wish I could be more friendly to animals like her.

Anyway, I would thank the family for taking care of Rio well. My friend, who is a chef, opened a special wine for me, so we enjoyed wine dinner. The chef cooked and I cooked together. This is Tatekitchen at Atriekitchen!

I am not professional at all, but the chef listened to my opinions for tasting at that night. We love to talk about food, sake, and wine. He actually will change some ingredients and menu for his business because of my opinion. By the way, my Ehomaki sushi was the first time in my life. Not in Japan, but US?

By the time my last fight was over, I had left my wine glass for the chef, so no alcohol for me. That was amazing night with my people and real friends. How do you guys like our collaboration between Atriekitchen and Tatekitchen?