Meatless Meatball


I invited my coach for tatekitchen dinner. Well, I put too much work because so excited. It was a great time with my friends who know and understand me. I cooked my best for them.



Love Gazpacho! I made them with only greens such as cucumbers and basil. Nice and simple, but this could be most tasty dish recently.



I didn't use any tomato sauce or prepared products. Slow cooked tomato with caramelized onion and basil. PERIOD. Eggplants are lightly fried, and I used buffalo mozzarella for this pasta. Taste was amazing. Also guancharre is homemade! You will see a picture below.



Since my coach Eddie is vegetarian, I made meatless meat ball for entrée. I used white beans, tofu, eggs, caramelized onions, pecorino cheese and ancient rice. Texture was almost same as meat. This is meat less meat ball


Dessert was awesome. I think Maccha pudding was best dolce ever I have made. My coach, Eddie gave us really good honey for gift, so we put that honey on bavorois. Guess what? It got so much better and more elegant.



I had a grass fed meat ball because love meat. Added guancharre and sage for extra flavor. I don't have to say anything because you know how it came out.






It has been a month since it was salted. Homemade guancharre is the best and contains Italian soul in it. I'll post how I made this one soon. Anyway, happy 4th everyone. Don't get drunk and crazy too much:-)