Gluten Free Challenge 2

Gluten Free Pizza


My experiment is still on. Last weekend I tried to make gluten free pizza, but it didn't come out well.... Here is a report.

First of all, I couldn't follow the same process of making a regular pizza. Since dough has no gluten, it gets ripped easily and hard to make a circle shape. Also I had to bake dough itself first because it takes more time to get cooked than regular pizza dough.

What I learned from this challenge was that it is almost same cost as I eat better pizza at restaurant and takes more time for preparation and cooking. Additionally, dough has more density, compared of regular one, so it contains more calories than regular pizza.

I'm not cutting weight right now, but pizza is the No1 food I dream about everyday during fight camp. I think this is because my coach is Italian and I am raised by his family. Anyway, my conclusion is that pizza should be still one of cheat meals on weekend.

By the way, I'm not celiac disease.