Have a safe and Happy Valentine's Day. Who wants to go out when it gets to negative 8 outside. I enjoyed Tatekithen and cooked some seasonal ingredients.



I wanted to use fresh figs, but couldn't find any and wanted to make this appetizer a Mille-feuille. Since those goat cheese from local, I realized how fresh this is during preparation. I changed my mind and tossed them in winter vegetable salad.



This pescatore is the best of my life. Everything came out perfect.  Fresh seafood and Italian blood get married in my pan. I make pescatore only once a year because this dish is very special and cook for only one person.



The main dish also came out really nice. Put french mustard on the surface of meat and cover it with chopped pistachio and herbs. Outside came out really crispy, but also flavorful. Picture looks dry, but tenderness was just perfect. 450 for 15 mins and rest 5 mins, just let you know.



Dolce was a lot title bit different... I got homework for next time. Since used gluten green flour, fondant au chocolat came out a little bit drier than I expected. Blackberry sauce was good on it. Dark chocolate is not too sweet, so you can eat up even though with a full stomach.


Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Tateki Matsuda