Gibier and Bordeaux


First of all, big thanks to my friend who invited me for dinner. We celebrated my last victory in Japan and opened Margaux for me. What just happened to me! I am such a lucky guy. Well, I cooked my favorite and love this season when wild games are on menu. Fall flavors on table is absolutely my biggest pleasure. It was first time to cook luxury gourmet ingredients such as truffles and foie gras, but this is a great experience and those ingredients are right for luxury wine.


Fresh herbs are from my local farmer's market. These herbs bring fantastic flavor.

some bite pieces of boar meat were marinated with oil and herbs and pan fried for different texture.


I got wild boar shank. Cut into small pieces for ragu sauce.


some bite pieces of boar meat were marinated with oil and herbs and pan fried for different texture.


extracting duck fat from skin. You know me. I use everything and no leftover.


I made duck thigh confit with this oil.


From my experience, duck thigh should be marinated with salt for more than 24 hours. Best result was a week.


Pan-roasted to a perfect juicy duck breast is the best. Cook fat side first and then "arroseur" (keep pour pan sauce on meat as cooking) Fresh thyme and grass fed butter mixed with duck fat. Now I see your mouth-watering face. Most importantly, rest meat at least 10 mins, so juice settled down.


Have you ever tasted a fresh truffle? To enjoy the wonderfulness of the variously described pleasure of dining on truffles, you must eat fresh!



Making homemade pasta takes time and effort but it is an inexpensive way of providing you with a fresh, delicious tasting, delicate textured pasta. This was special occasion, so I allowed myself to eat a little bit of gluten. However, I was going to cheat a little bit, there are still things we can do. No1, I I took enzyme for better digestion. DigesTech is designed to help the body with minimizing digestive stress. No2, I used flour, which has not improved breeding(Not talking about GMO). I ordered some caputo flour which is the heirloom wheat flour referred to in many of these articles.  It’s grown, harvested and ground in Italy.  It is 12% gluten which appears to be on par with the soft and hard wheat grown in the U.S.  It’s not expensive either and certainly a ton cheaper than the gluten-free flours I purchase now. Result? in my case, I didn't get bloated or any symptom from "long time no see food".


Anyway, what a wonderful night and experience. There is no way I taste these bottles at restaurant. Instead, would buy a new car better.