Duck Again!


I went to my friend's birthday party and cooked for her. She made my logo, so I was so excited for her birthday dinner! I cooked duck again because I love duck.


Octopus sounds too much for you? eww, Believe me. It is very tasty and it bring ocean flavor to your mouth. I made a big bowl of salad with tons of spice and herbs. Im telling you this boost your appetite a lot.


My friend gave me saffron for gift, and I use it for paella today. My paella pan did a great job!! Smoked papurika and oregano are Spanish flavor!! Those remind me of days I stayed in spain.


When I buy homemade pasta, I always visit my favorite place in North End (called Little Italy, north area of Boston) Italian Momma makes many different kinds of pasta there. Black ink is my choice!

Duck Confit was excellent. Slow cooking is the key. Green beans are in season, so you should grab those at grocery now! For breast, I used figs for sauce. Figs are also season and its sweetness gave a great impact on salted breast. You will enjoy full body and spicy red wine with this dish.

I hope these pictures make you hungry ♪