Duck is the best


I was wondering which one I should eat for tonight. Duck or rabbit... I picked duck!


Found white eggplant at farmer's market, so picked one. I cooked scallops with it. I wanted to make them look better than actual appearance. Maybe I should have made them all white. Cauliflower puree might be better for this dish instead of caramelized onion. Anyway, fresh onion from onion was really great ans tasty, so Im happy anyway.


Duck was so yummy. I could have made it like crispy outside and rare inside. I m not familiar with technique pouring hot oil over meat over and over again. Oven roast is always difficult, but I made it well. Cassis made duck refreshing. In France, chef use duck blood for its sauce. I want to try someday.

No desert and pasta tonight... I miss them, but want to come back to camp this week. Stay busy and sharp for whatever comes up next.