Sourdough Bread


Bread never be issue in my diet. Gluten free diet? When I heard the word at the first time, I didn’t care about gluten at all. True story? Yes, I had been living in North End Boston for 3 years. Do you know what it is called? “Little Italy”.

Bread and pasta used to be my favorite food and they are still, but I got rid of them especially after moving down to lower weight class in MMA. Getting rid of gluten was a huge challenge for me because I didn’t start yo-yo diet, but healthier walk-around weight making diet.

Believe or not, I saw myself changing in my own performance and mental state after cutting gluten, as well as other chemicals and food additives. I still don’t know what factors worked or not because there were so many variables, but since then I became sensitive about gluten. Yes, that is placebo because I am not celiac disease. Anyway, I could no longer digest the commercially processed stuff, but, unfortunately, most of the whole grain loaves I picked up from the bakery weren’t any easier on my stomach. A long term diet change and life style definitely change gut flora completely. So why I make a bread? Is it a better cheat option?

According to Vanessa Kimbell, who’s been baking since she was 11 and runs The Sourdough School in the UK, The fermentation process that gives the bread its distinctive sour taste also makes it more gut-friendly. Millions of people are suffering from digestive malaise, and if you’re sensitive to foods containing gluten or have irritable bowel syndrome, sourdough bacteria’s ability to break down flour has never been more important.

How “traditionally prepared” bread is so much different than modern bread? how can I find or make easy-to-digest bread? I think I found my answer. Through the process of making own sourdough bread from scratch, this is such a time consuming activity! Yes, you spend lots of time on making homemade sourdough bread. I assume that gluten (glutenin and gliadin) must be broken down to the point where we human can digest better than modern convenient fast processed bread.



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